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The plan of God for us, his children is good and not evil. Yes, many of us are going through different challenges. Whatever you might be going through is temporal. Praying the prayers in this book will help you to unleash the power of God upon all your situations and turn them for good. Praise God!

Prayer is the communication between us and God. It is expedient for you to have a personal relationship with God in a secret place. Praising and worshipping, meditating and speaking his word are crucial for your spiritual life. It is also very important to listen to the directives of the spirit as you pray.

Prayers for All Round Prosperity By Gabriel Olatuja


You don’t need anyone to pray for you or prophesy upon you. Speaking the words of God in this book to your life, situations and needs will lead to a magnificent result in your life. All you need is to have faith and get whatever you say. The book will help you to be the prophet of your life, situations and exercise your faith and speak what you want to see to life. Halleluiah!

All prayers are taken from the bible and are inspired by the spirit of God. The prayers in this book are the application of the word of God and his plans for our lives.

The book will help you to grow in the knowledge of the word of God concerning you. It will help you to apply the word of God to change your situations and open doors for breakthroughs and needs.
The book will also help you to grow in faith and affirm the legality of the word of God for you.

21 Days and Nights Powerful Prayers For Supernatural Enlargement

The book is written in English and translated into the Yoruba Language. This has broken the language barrier for millions of people who use this book.
The Appendix contains the links to Prayer Altars (Pepe Adura) youtube prayer videos with which you can pray along anywhere at any time. Subscribe to my youtube channel to keep getting daily updates on prayer videos.