How To List Your Business on UList

How To List Your Business on UList to Get Free Marketing

How To List Your Business on to Get Free Marketing

How To List Your Business on UList

Lisiting your business on UList Business Directory is very fast and seamless. Those without digital skills do it without problems.

The steps are below:

1. To register, go to and login

2. To add business listing, go to

3️. Select the appropriate business listing type

4. Enter Business Name:
5. Select Category
6. Write full description of business, products and services
7. Select or Write a tag of your business keywords
8. Enter Product Price or Select a range of Prices or Uncheck to hide pricing for this listing
9. Enter Business Features line for line
10. Enter Email
11. Enter Phone Number
12. Enter business website beginning with https:// (if any).
13. Add Social Networks beginning with https:// (if any).
14. Upload 4 or 5 pictures of your business or upload a logo or picture 4 or 5 times. Recommended image size: 480×350. Maximum allowed size per image is 204.00KB
15. Paste your youtube video link to display video in your listing.
16. Check the boxes for I agree to the Privacy policy and that of Terms and Condition
Hit the Save and Preview Button and submit finally after preview.
You are done.

Note that you can also list different products and services in the same account in addition to the business listing.


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