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Online Business: 4 Sites That Can change your story financially

4 Sites That Can Take You From Being Financially Broke To Being Financially Woke

In this article, we will be revealing four sites that can take you from being financially broke to being financially woke.


There are several opportunities out there that you need to tap into. Some of such opportunities are made available to you here.



Marketagent.com is an online survey site where you get to do business research for companies and get paid.


To register on Marketagent.com is seamless. Marketagent uses Paypal as payment method. If you are in Nigeria, Ghana Tanzania or any other where paypal is banned, you can register on Payoneer.com to receive payments. In most of the sites, they either accept paypal or payoneer.com or both.



It is a site for medical billing and people are able to work remotely.



Dscout.com allows you to do surveys quickly and you get paid for those surveys. Scouts participate in engaging research “missions,” get paid for their feedback, and help shape the products and services they love.



Skillshare.com is fantastic. It’s like Youtube for courses. It is a platform where you share skills and get paid for them. Whatever skills you have, you share them. You record your video and upload to skillshare.com. You get paid when people watch the videos.

The platform has millions of paid subscribers who want to learn skills. Any skill you have, like baking, cooking, teaching a language, etc, you go on the site and upload your course. As people watch your course, you get paid.


If you are from a country where some of these opportunities are not applied, what you need to do is to perfect your collaboration. This means you need to collaborate with someone who is in any of the country that is allowed to participate, the person register, and you do the job and share the proceeds.


Also, some of the platforms use paypal as a means of payment. If you are in a country where paypal is not allowed, you should still collaborate with someone who is in a country where paypal is working. You can also register on Payoneer.com to receive payments.

I believe the 4 sites are benefitial to you. Fee free to leave your comments.

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