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UList, a leading Nigerian Business Directory and Ecommerce has considered your business for a free listing. 


  • Do you want your business to get more online visibility?
  • Do you want both local and international clients to patronise you?
  • Do you want to increase your client base?
  • Are you willing to make more sales?
  • Are you willing to generate more revenue or profit?


Whether you want to promote your business, sell products and promote services, we got you covered at UList. You can get these services at both free and relatively free rates.


Premium Services


Our Premium Services that best suit your marketing needs include Sell

  • Sell – Promoting your products will get you fast sales. Buyers will spot and buy your products fast.
  • Buy – Need a product? Why not promote it to get the right sellers!
  • Car/Vehicle for Hire – You can promote your vehicle/car for hire. You will be able to get customers who want to hire your vehicle/car.
  • Exchange – You can promote the exchange of products for another product. People who are interested in the exchange will come up with a product that commensurate with the value of your own product.
  • Job – As an employer, you can promote your vacancies and get interested competent applicants to apply from UList.
  • To Let – Promoting buildings, houses, facilities, apartments etc is the best way to get to your audience.
  • Services – As a service company, promoting your services is the best way to reach and convert your prospective customers.
  • Escrow – You can use UList as a middleman between you and the other part to transact successfully without being scammed. You can use escrow to exchange digital currencies. Use our escrow to be protected from being scammed.


Why UList?


By promoting your products and services on UList, you are on the track to getting the fastest sales and results.


We promote our site on google and across social media platforms in order to get our users the optimum sales and conversion.


Register and post your ad on UList now.


For Further help or inquiry, contact us on WhatsApp here.


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