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My Team at Geewealth Technology launched UList.com.ng Business Directory this year. The idea of UList was born out of our passion and quest to help Nigerian startups and SMEs grow and scale profitably.


Your business needs online visibility. All your target audience are online and they are searching for a product or service to consume online in search engines like Google, bing, yahoo, yandex etc. It’s only those who have put their businesses, products or services that are visible to the customers in the search engine results. If your own product is not online, then you have loosed the market to your competitors who have online presence.

To be able to have a good share of the market and industry where you play, it is expedient to make your products and services or offerings to be available to your global audience and get both local and international patronage.

Mortar and bricks businesses have been swept out of the market and have lost competitive edge to smart businesses who are strongly leveraging on digital technology.

So many businesses don’t have business websites. UList is a free solution for them. Also those who have websites improve their exposure by listing on UList. If you have a website, you can list your business together with your website on ULIST for you to improve your site ranking, that is, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO.

Having your presence everywhere online is what you need to scale profitably this year.
I know you have set goals for this year in terms of revenue generation, clientele base etc. UList has gotten you covered. Listing your business on this powerful directory will showcase your products and services to the faces of your services consumers who will buy from you if they have access to you.

UList is a free marketing tool that you can adopt at no cost.

UList.com.ng serves as your own website as we will give you a space for free to write about your business, product or services. You will also be able to give out your contact details like phone number, email address, website address(if any), social media handles (if any). You will be able to upload logo or images of your product or services for easier interaction with your prospects.



1. All business owners.
2. All products sellers.
3. All service providers.
4. Those who have website and those who don’t have website.
5. Those who want to sell more.
6. Those who need more buyers/customers.
7. Those who don’t want to struggle in business.
8. Those who have online presence.
9. Those who don’t have online presence.
10. Bloggers who want to improve their SEO.
11. Content creators who want to increase traffic to their digital platforms like website, YouTube, Facebook, Tiktok etc.
12. Affiliate marketers.
13. You reading this post ☺.

Now, ask yourself.
“Is UList for me?”
If the answer is, “YES”,

Grab your phone or laptop or tab now. Click https://ulist.com.ng

You can decide to sign up before submitting a list. However, you can go straight to submit your business and account will be created for you automatically as you submit your listing. For the second option, you will have to reset your password to create a password if you wish to login to the account subsequently.


You can list a business once and also list different products or services that you offer in different listing.

Never do copy and paste of your write up from the Internet. Even if the details in the submission was copied from your own website or another website or any digital platform, you will need to rewrite such content before you submit.
If you submit copy and paste write up, our algorithm will definitely flag your account and delete your listing and get your account deactivated without any consideration. I’m sure you, don’t want that. Hence, do a good job once and for all and start eating popcorn while customers are trooping to patronise you.

It’s is better for you to write detailed information about your business than submitting few lines of text. With that, customers will know the detailed of what they want to buy and they won’t have any option than to contact and patronise you.

List now on, UList.com.ng.

Powered by Geewealth Technology.

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January 14, 2022 - In UList

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